i don’t understand why it’s illegal to have sex with a miner they provide us with coal and electricity they deserve a little fun

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when you go to pet a dog and it growls at you


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*opens bent iphone like a flip phone*

me: what’s the sitch 


i want to be as happy as this dog
What I remember most about emotional abuse is that it’s like being put in a box. How you end up in there is the biggest trick – I never managed to work that one out. Maybe you think it’s a treasure box at first: you’re in there because you’re special. Soon the box starts to shrink. Every time you touch the edges there is an “argument”. So you try to make yourself fit. You curl up, become smaller, quieter, remove the excessive, offensive parts of your personality – you begin to notice lots of these. You eliminate people and interests, change your behaviour. But still the box gets smaller. You think it’s your fault. The terrible, unforgivable too-muchness of you is to blame. You don’t realise that the box is shrinking, or who is making it smaller. You don’t yet understand that you will never, ever be tiny enough to fit, or silent enough to avoid a row
- It’s time to make emotional abuse a crime - Lauren Laverne (via koyyuh)
  • teacher: describe yourself in one word
  • me: done